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The mission of MISTER Smart Innovation consists in carrying on industrial research projects for and with companies, in order to accelerate the industrial system technological development by providing innovative and tailor-made solutions. MISTER is also the access point to the skills and facilities of the CNR network throughout the national territory.


Adaptable: we do not reject any challenge. As researchers it is in our nature to examine every possibility in search of the best solution to meet the functional and economic needs of our clients. We do not necessarily follow predefined schemes In proposing and designing solutions, but we prefer a disruptive and creative approach. The solution to your problem is often at the crossroads between different areas of our competence.

Reliable: always on schedule, your informations are safe. We put seriousness in first place and let business partners, accreditations and certifications speak for us. More than careful guardian of our inventions, we treat our customers’ proprietary technology with the utmost discretion.

Ambitious: we aspire to be the technological vanguard, a step forward in the path of innovation. The ever high customers’ expectations motivate us to push technological progress towards a future that for us is already today. We work to be key players in the progress of intelligent and sensitive industrial technologies.