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Bologna CNR Technopole management

The plan for the Bologna CNR Technopole management (2017-2019) was funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region with funds set aside for the “System actions to support the participation of territorial actors in concertation platforms and national networks of technological specialization like the TNCs “. MISTER Smart Innovation proposed itself as a managing subject capable of collaborating and planning activities with Area S3 hosted within the Technopole, with particular reference to those actions aimed to encourage collaborative projects with the active participation of the various subjects of the regional ecosystem of innovation, including innovative companies and start-ups.


  • MISTER Smart Innovation
  • Proambiente Consortium
  • CNR National Research Council


The project concerns the promotion and enhancement of the CNR AMBIMAT Bologna Technopole located within the CNR Research Area CNR in Bologna, an important technological hub not only for national and international scientific research but also for the interests of companies, attracted by the great availability of technological skills and resources.


  • Facilitate the access, through the Technopole website, to the competences, services and opportunities owned by the CNR Bologna Technopole. The service will be continuously ensured by a person dedicated to such activities for the entire duration of the project (24 months / man).
  • Promote and enhance the skills and excellence of the AMBIMAT Technopole by encouraging the organization of programs, visits and the use of innovative tools to involve companies and stakeholders in the Technopole research activities.
  • Raise awareness on the Technopole through the use of different communication media (website, paper, video, social media, etc.). The activities will require the preparation of a strategic marketing plan capable of identifying an effective visual identity, the use of external consultants for graphics, advertising services, etc. We expect to allocate human resource for at least 9 months / man throughout the entire project.
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of existing facilities at the AMBIMAT Technopole by facilitating the access and the use of laboratories and instrumentation. The activity requires the elaboration of documents to regulate in the most effective way the access and use of spaces and facilities within the Technopole as well as promotion actions towards regional, national and European realities. We expect to allocate human resource during the entire project with a commitment of about 6 months / man.
  • Adoption of suitable tools to monitor the effectiveness of the activities performed (eg access detection and performance indicators).