“ColorXFood: Implementation of an X-ray inspection system for non-destructive control in the agri-food sector”, of which MIST E-R is technological partner, is an industrial research and experimental development project presented by due2lab s.r.l. and approved under the “Innovative Start up 2016” call (D.G.R. 11/2016) – Activities 1.4.1 – ROP ERDF 2014-2020.



Design and development of a prototype of an X-ray inspection system, called ColorXFood, for non-destructive food control using a new spectroscopic detection technology based on the CZT semiconductor material.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to realize an totally innovative inspection system able to solve some problems related to the quality control of agri-food products.


Exploiting the ability to identify chemical composition and density of the material, ColorXFood technology promises to identify the foreign bodies in food in an innovative way even when the contaminants have the same density of food.

In particular, the system will be designed to detect glass fragments and organic foreign bodies inside sealed glass wine bottles.