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Cosmetic and dermocosmetic formulations

MIST E-R interest for cosmetics and dermocosmetics develops to best meet the latest market needs based on the consumption of organic, natural and environmentally sustainable products.

Therefore MIST E-R uses a formulation R&D laboratory dedicated to the preparation of both classic and innovative formulations we call Short INCI List, ie containing few multi-functional raw materials, especially of natural origin.

A multi-functional raw material is an ingredient able to perform both a chemical-physical function in the formulation (emulsifier, surfactant, gelling agent, humectant …) and a specific biological activity (antioxidant, antiaging, protective …) for the site of application of the final product (body, hair, nails, face …).

In this context, R&D activities include:

  • In-depth study of raw materials both from a technical-scientific point of view (chemical-physical properties, stability …) and from a regulatory point of view (references: EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, European Federation of Cosmetic Ingredients, European Chemical Legislation Reach and CLP)
  • Development of the formulation (prototype of a cosmetic/dermocosmetic product)
  • Study of the chemical-physical stability of the prototype in particular storage conditions (temperature, UV exposure)
  • Accelerated studies of chemical-physical stability in centrifuge (above all to immediately evaluate the activity of a new emulsifying system)
  • Chemical-physical characterization (visual analysis under the microscope, pH, density, refractive index) of the prototype
  • Analysis of rheological properties (viscosity, consistency, spreadability).
  • The knowledge of the rheological parameters of the prototypes allows also to make predictive studies of:
    • stability over time
    • application site (ex: hands, body, face …)
    • choice of the most suitable container for the product (tube, spray …).