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FRIMAG is an industrial research project coordinated by MIST ER and approved on the “Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the smart specialization strategy” (DGR 774/2015) within the ROP ERDF EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014/2020 Axis 1 Action 1.2.2

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  • MIST E-R s.c.r.l. (Coordinator)
  • MUSP Consortium, Research Laboratory
  • CIRI EA, Research Laboratory
  • CIDEA, Research Laboratory
  • Democenter-Sipe Foundation, Center for Innovation
  • JONIX srl, SPIN srl, MBN SpA Companies


Refrigeration and air conditioning are pervasive technologies: the easy access to temperature control has hired the development of modern food industry, pharmaceutical and industrial processes and redefined housing developments. Because of its ubiquity, refrigeration is responsible for an important fraction of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, and continued consumption growth exacerbates its impact. The current cold technology, the compression of refrigerant gases, is mature and consolidated and its potential for improvement now appears to be incremental. Furthermore, emissions control policies limit the production of refrigerant gases (Montreal and Kyoto Protocols). Magnetic refrigeration is a new technology for the production of refrigeration that replaces refrigerant gas with recyclable and non-polluting magnetic solids. It is an innovative technology absent from the global market: its level of development is currently at the pre-industrial stage. Mature technology provides compact, more efficient refrigerators with reduced environmental impact.


The FRIMAG Project wants to study magnetic refrigeration and its usability in the regional productive fabric: a consortium of laboratories with recognized experience on new materials, advanced simulations and thermal machines will collaborate with leading regional companies in their sectors to develop a chiller prototype.

The prototype will have as a reference an exhibitor for the commercial promotion of a typical local product, identified during the project: in this way we want to establish a virtuous circle between technological innovation and promotion of regional excellences

The development of magnetocaloric materials will take place thanks to the collaboration with CNR-IMEM, Institute of the National Research Council with expertise in the field of magnetic materials. There are three companies with a high innovative character involved in the project that will support the activities of the regional laboratories in the three operational key phases: MBN Nanomaterialia spa (TV) will collaborate in the production of innovative materials with a high magnetocaloric effect; SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche srl (PC) will support the design and prototype design phase; JONIX srl (BO) will participate in the test and operational validation of the refrigeration performance of the thermal machine.