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“General Purpose” IoT platform

The “General Purpose” platform was developed within a project funded by the 2017 POR CALABRIA FESR-ESF 2014-2020 call, ASSE I – PROMOTION OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION. Specific objective 1.2 – “Strengthening of the regional and national innovative system” Action 1.2.2 – “Support to the realization of complex projects of research and development activities on a few important thematic areas and to the application of technological solutions functional to the realization of S3 strategies ”



As part of a broader corporate project aimed to develop IoT networks for data acquisition and processing, MISTER Smart Innovation has been involved in the platform test made by the use of a set of devices developed by MISTER itself.


GOALS: To verify the functionality of the general purpose platform for the IoT system developed by the company. Implementation of a transmission control based on the piston pump displacement management according to the number of revolutions of the diesel engine of the machine on which the transmission has been installed.

RESULTS: We identified two types of IoT devices already developed by MISTER for purpose of predictive diagnostics and indoor environmental monitoring. These devices have been set to guarantee communication with the ACSoftware platform. The devices act both as an access point, to allow configuration by accessing a specific web page, configure as a client. The devices are able to connect automatically to a WI-FI LAN network and to transfer the acquired data directly to the internet portal for data management, using the standard mqtt protocol.