Hansa hydraulic pump

Innovative electronically controlled axial piston pump for hydrostatic transmissions in small-sized work vehicles. The project was funded by the Emilia Romagna Region’s 2017 call for “innovation and product or service diversification projects for SMEs” POR-FESR 2014 – 2020 Action 1.1.2 Axis 1 DGR 1339/2017



 Software development and realization of a control prototype of a hydrostatic transmission composed of an axial piston hydraulic pump with reversible proportional control and a fixed or two displacement motor.


GOALS: Implementation of a transmission control based on the piston pump displacement management according to the number of revolutions of the diesel engine of the machine on which the transmission is installed.


  • Define the functional specifications for the hydrostatic transmission
    Performed the analysis of the Functional Safety requirements according to the ISO 13849 standard
  • Identified commercial components to be used (sensors, actuators, programmable electronic control unit)
  • Design and implementation of BSP software (Board Support Package) with respect to the hardware chosen
  • Design and implementation of the embedded application software that realizes the objective functionality of the project
  • Design of the Can driver management software for the calibration interface
  • Functional validation on the test bench