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The Inno Infra Share (Sharing strategies for European Research and Innovation Infrastructures) project, where MIST E-R has been selected as a best pratice among the project stakeholders, was financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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The goal of INNO INFRA SHARE (Sharing Strategies for European Research and Innovation Infrastructures) project is to improve the accessibility and the exploitation of local Research and Innovation infrastructure (RII) assets by SMEs.

RIIs have the potential to serve as enablers of competitiveness and growth for local SMEs and foreign users, especially in the areas of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). To unleash this potential, project partners will jointly work towards adding a market-driven dimension to the research and technological one, by networking and promoting collaboration opportunities at the regional and international level and by addressing national and regional RII relevant policy instruments.

The partnership covers 8 European regions from Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and Sweden, all of them with common RIS3 smart specialization priorities.

Partners will undertake a joint learning and collaboration process, involving regional and national stakeholders, that will contribute to the design and implementation of 8 Action plans in their respective territories to improve policy instruments that will positively affect RII and improve their accessibility by SMEs.


  • SMEs in partner regions will benefit from a better access to RIIs and an increased collaboration with research organizations to improve their innovation performance.
  • A more precise and detailed picture of local RII ecosystems will be available for regional and national policymakers and SMEs.
  • National and regional policies addressing RII will be improved thanks to the contributions provided by the Action Plans.
  • Partners will gain an opportunity to benchmark their RII ecosystems with other EU hubs of RII excellence.