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Microfluidics is an area of research that deals with technologies and systems able to control fluids (transport, switching, mixing, dispensing and other complex functions) in the microliter/nanoliter scale (channels with typical dimensions included between the tens of μm and hundreds of μm).
The miniaturization of fluidic devices with the consequent on-chip integration of different functions (Lab On Chip) finds increasing applications especially in the biomedical field.
MIST E-R has a complete platform for rapid prototyping of a wide variety of microfluidic devices based on PDMS (Polydimethiloxane), a transparent, biocompatible and flexible silicone polymer that has established itself as a first choice material for its ease of use and low cost.
The PDMS devices are generally produced by replication molding of masters manufactured with various technologies depending on the resolutions necessary for the specific application.
Through the use of clean room equipment available to MIST E-R, channel resolutions of the order of μm are achieved.