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Nanosens4life is an industrial research project presented by TPM Tecnopolo Mirandola and approved on the “Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the Intelligent Specialization Strategy” (DGR 774/2015) within the ROP ERDF EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014 / 2020 Axis 1 Action 1.2.2

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  • TPM Tecnopolo Mirandola, Democenter-Sipe Foundation (Coordinator)
  • MIST E-R s.c.r.l. – Industrial research laboratory
  • Rizzoli Research, Innovation & Technology – Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute
  • Democenter-Sipe Foundation – Center for Innovation
  • Medica S.p.A., B Braun Avitum Italy S.p.A, Intersurgical S.p.A., Eurosets s.r.l. – Companies


The main supply chain of the project is that of the biomedical sector, representative sector of the Regional “Industries of health and well-being”. The reference companies of the regional system represent 13% of those active in the biomedical sector at national level with a turnover equal to 11% of the total and operate mostly in areas such as apheresis, hemodialysis, cardiac surgery, anesthesia, gynecology, infusion, transfusion, nutrition and dialysis therapies and are distributed in industries operating in disposable (80%) and electromedical (13%) production. Most of the areas described involve the use of extracorporeal circulation technologies as an integral system of the therapeutic approach. Despite widespread technologies, the adverse effects are numerous (multi-organ dysfunction syndrome – MODS, renal failure, neurocognitive deficit and stroke, coagulopathies, respiratory failure and heart failure) in patients already highly at risk. The causes of these side effects may arise from factors such as activation of inflammatory responses (complement activation, coagulation cascade, fibrinogen), cell damage (eg, red blood cells) or nutritional deficiencies (eg electrolyte abnormalities). For this reason the research laboratories and the companies of the Nanosens4life project intend to develop technologies aimed at measuring the concentration of analytes in extracorporeal circulation (CEC) through chemical compounds and nanostructures (in general dye) able to change optical properties in the presence of specific analytes.


The general objective of the project is to promote the center of expertise on disposable sensors for medical applications so as to guarantee the improvement of the competitive capacity and the technological level to the whole chain of the regional biomedical district.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Development and validation of chemical, physical and engineering technologies that make it possible to transform disposable devices into online monitoring systems at a cost that is in line with the market.
  • Strengthen the role of the technological platform on disposable sensors for medical applications aimed at ensuring the entire supply chain increase the competitive capacity and the technological level.