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New Hemo

NewHemo is an industrial research project presented by MEDICA S.p.A. and approved as a part of the “Interventions in favor of industrial research of companies operating in the sectors most affected by the earthquakes of May 2012” – art. 12 DL 74/2012


There are more than two million people worldwide living with chronic renal failure, with an annual growth rate of close to 6% (End Stage Renal Disease Patients in 2012: A Global Perspective Handbook by Fresenius Medical Care). This number of patients generates a volume of about 300 million treatments a year, with the relative consumption of filters and disposable blood lines. Therefore, this is a market of great interest for new equipment.

The condition to enter a strongly competitive market is to have a highly innovative product.

The three fundamental aspects on which Medica wants to concentrate innovation are:

  1. Reduction in size and weight: imagine a device that can be loaded in the trunk of a normal car.
  2. Increased safety and simplified use: imagine a device that can be used by people who have a nursing preparation that is not specific to dialysis, without putting the patient at risk.
  3. Reduction of production and maintenance costs.

Achieving these three objectives would allow to construct a dialysis machine much easier to use, to transport and to maintain, so that it is always easier to ‘bring’ dialysis from the patient rather than the patient to the dialysis center.


Differential flow and conductivity measurement device based on MEMS technology

  1. Needle detachment sensor in MEMS/RFID technology
  2. Optical Hematocrit Sensor
  3. Improved User/Machine interface by simplifying and remoting controls

The funds of these projects have been made available to the delegated Commissioner for the implementation of the interventions provided for by Decree Law no. 74 of 6 June 2012, as converted with amendments by Law 122 of 1 August 2012, concerning “Urgent measures in favor of the populations affected by the earthquakes that hit the territory of the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Mantua, Reggio Emilia and Rovigo, 20 and 29 May 2012 “, and in particular by art. 12 “Interventions in favor of industrial research of companies operating in the sectors most involved in the seismic events of May 2012”.