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Pneumatic Microvalves


Microvalves are fundamental components for microfluidic systems. They are key elements in applications that require handling of small volumes of liquid or gases, high level of control and integration, usually in fluids dispensing, high-speed gas chromatography (HSGC) or drugs delivery.

The microvalve – developed in collaboration with Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems of CNR (IMM-CNR) – has a silicon body and a pneumatically actuated membrane designed for both liquids and gases and made of biocompatible polymer (SU-8), which is generally kept open.

Entire device, apart from its external connections, is fully miniaturized. In case of liquids, the flow rate can span from nano- to microliter per second depending on the channel dimension and applied pressure.

The microvalve closes perfectly with a differential pressure of 1 bar with a fluid pressure up to 3 bar and fatigue tests have shown no almost no decline of its mechanical proprieties.


We offer our expertise in pneumatic microvalves to all types of manufacturing industries.


Dr. Marco Bianconi

Stefano Zampolli

Fulvio Mancarella