Sensors & Actuators

MIST E-R develops, in cooperation with its technological partners, customized solutions on customer needs for sensors and actuation.

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and MOEMS (Micro Opto Electro Mechanical Systems) are microelectronic devices (Chip) able to monitor various physical quantities (temperature, pressure, acceleration, gas concentration, etc.) and to perform small mechanical,hydraulic or electromagnetic operations with high precision.

MIST E-R and its partners have a long experience in this field and are ready to make it available to meet the needs of various industrial supply chains.

MIST E-R follows the development of products from simulation and design with the most sophisticated softwares, passing by the manufacture of devices at the IMM Institute’s Clean Room of CNR in Bologna, up to the device characterization and packaging.

MIST E-R also has the possibility to support small productions of microelectronic devices for pilot projects or custom series.