Smart PIG “Made in Italy”

The Smart PIG (Smart Pipeline Inspection Gauge) “Made in Italy” project, of which MIST E-R is a technological partner, is an industrial research and experimental development project presented by CII Guatelli S.p.A. and approved under the call for proposals “Projects for innovation and diversification of product or service for SMEs” ROP ERDF 2014-2020 Action 1.1.2, 1 DGR 1305/2016.

smart pig


Design and development of a pipeline diagnostic inspection tool with a new generation of instruments/ sensors that can replace conventional electro-mechanical systems.

The SMART PIG prototype was successfully used during some inspections, allowing a visual analysis of the pipelines and proving to be a tool with great potential.


The system will allow complete visual monitoring of the installed pipelines through adequate illumination and laser caliper, as well as their mapping with accelerometers and gyroscopes through the development of:

  • an imaging system to be positioned along the axis of the Pig and its packaging
  • a laser caliper for the recognition of ovalizations
  • image recognition and processing software