SMEDIP is an industrial research project presented by MIST E-R and approved on the “Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of smart specialization strategy” (DGR 774/2015) within the ROP ERDF EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014/2020 Axis 1 Action 1.2.2

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  • MIST E-R s.c.r.l. (Coordinator)
  • REDOX s.r.l., Research Laboratory
  • LIAM Consortium, Research Laboratory
  • Democenter-Sipe Foundation, Center for innovation
  • SACMI IMOLA S.C. and IMA S.p.A., Companies


In an increasingly competitive market, where new features are required to make the machines smarter, the problem of monitoring the conditions of an automatic machine is a fundamental point. Using techniques that can assess the health of machines and plants under operating conditions, it is possible to establish with sufficient advance the need for a maintenance intervention, thus making it possible to implement a predictive maintenance strategy. The SMEDIP project proposes the development of sensors and innovative methods of predictive diagnostics for automatic machines, especially for the packaging sector. This complete condition monitoring system is of the utmost interest for all the regional mechanical companies, in particular in the machinery and engine sectors.


The SMEDIP project aims to create a complete predictive diagnostic system equipped with custom miniaturized vibration sensors, a wireless communication system and algorithms for signal analysis and for the detection of malfunctions or progressive wear of components. For the realization of the sensors we will make use of the experience gained in the chain of the regional strategic project MICRONET and the collaboration with CNR-IMM, Institute of the National Research Council with excellence in the field of microsystems and microelectronics. The companies of the territory involved in the project, I.M.A. Automatic Machines Industry S.p.A. and SACMI IMOLA S.C., are the international leaders in the packaging machines market. The construction of such a system for automatic packaging machines foresees the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Realization of a triaxial accelerometer integrated on a single chip
    Realization of communication electronics and possible wireless power supply
    Elaboration of diagnostic algorithms
    Development and industrialization of project outputs