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SUPER Craft is an industrial research project approved on the “Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the smart specialization strategy” (DGR 986/2018) within the POR-FESR EMILIA ROMAGNA 2014-2020, Axis 1 – Research and innovation, Action 1.2.2


Romagna Tech SCPA – Leading partner
MISTER – Industrial research laboratory
ENEA CROSSTEC – Industrial research laboratory
EN & TECH – UNIMORE – Industrial research laboratory
CIRI ICT – UNIBO – Industrial research laboratory


Domotrick Srl
Mark One Srl
RE: Lab Srl


– Istituto dello Stato del sistema dell’Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (ISIA) di Faenza

– Makers Modena Fab Lab

– Confartigianato Ravenna

– CNA Forlì-Cesena


The focus of the SUPER Craft project is the creation of an innovative online B2B platform aimed to reach the “Continuous Mass Customization” (CMC) paradigm, as opposed to the “Mass Customization” (MC). The Emilia-Romagna manufacturing district is made up of a high number of artisan businesses and SMEs that have the vital need to innovate their products to be more competitive on the national and international markets. SUPER Craft proposes an integrated approach to innovation in the artisan and manufacturing sector with transversal application prospects, able to provide online tools and services for the use of emerging and enabling technologies for product’s innovation in the field of advanced design and digital craftsmanship. SUPER Craft intends to act on the production process, integrating industrial / technological processes with craft / creative ones, applying the CMC principles in a B2B perspective. Through the development of enabling solutions and a technological platform for continuous interaction between all stakeholders, we intend to encourage product customization that involves the entire process of conception, design and production through the use of additive manufacturing technologies and the creation of intelligent components with a shelf innovation approach.


With SuperCraft we expect to reach the activation of co-design paths useful to the design and creation of highly customized products, developed with the intent to pursue the “Continuous Mass Customization” paradigm. The co-design paths aim to empower:

  • Sensitivity in participatory planning processes;
  • The growth in demand for product customization;
  • Enhancement of sustainable distributed production processes;
  • Servitization and integration of IoT-ready modules;
  • The realization of demonstration prototypes and small production series.

The results of the project will be enhanced through a specific dissemination plan. The activities will be addressed to companies and the regional fab lab network, as they are potential users of the results obtained.