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Michele Muccini - President


Marco Bianconi - Vice President



Valeria Pignedoli - Direzione

Master’s degree in Law – Ph.D, Lawyer

  • Strategic policies and business plans
  • Supervision of current regulations with particular reference to the obligations required for companies with public / private partnership
  • Planning, management and control
  • Project management
  • Human Resources management

Simona Aldrovandi

Accounting Analyst

  • Marketing and communication activities
  • Management and coordination of research projects
  • Secretariat
  • Administration

Marco Ardoino

Bachelor in Chemistry

  • Technological Scouting
  • Project Management
  • Subsidized Finance
  • Patents
  • Industry 4.0
De Nicola

Pietro De Nicola

Master’s Degree in Physics

  • Research and Development in electronics, photonics and lighting
  • Prototyping and packaging
  • Electrical and optical characterization
  • Labview programming of automatic measuring bench
  • Data processing
  • High energy ion implantation on electro-optical and power electronics materials
  • Acoustic, optical and RBS spectroscopy

Leonardo Franceschini

Bachelor in Communication Science – Master’s degree in Sport Business Strategy – Master’s degree in Tourism Management

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Press Office & P.R.
  • Event Management
  • Marketing activities @ Tecnopolo Bologna CNR

Alessio Giberti

Master’s degree in Physics – Ph.D in Physics

  • Physical-chemical characterizations of nanostructures of semiconductors;
  • Development of gas detecting devices based on nanostructures of semiconductors, both indoor and outdoor, industrial and domestic;
  • Study and characterization of miniaturized physical sensors (pression, temperature, acceleration, …);
  • Development of physical-mathematical models;
  • Software development: hardware-software interfaces, statistical techniques, machine learning and data mining.

Andrea Gorreri

Master’s Degree in Physics

  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design;
  • Characterization of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials;
  • Finite Element Analysis Software (Comsol multiphysics);
  • Python, Matlab, C++ Software Development.

Joanna Maria Malicka

Master’s degree in Chemistry – Ph.D in Chemistry

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Data analysis with R
  • UV-Vis and NIR Spctroscopy
  • Project management
  • Design, fabrication, optimization and optoelectronic characterization of OLEDs

Giovanni Battista Montanari

Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering– Ph.D in Telecommunications Electronics and Computer Science

  • LED Lighting, optics design and prototyping
  • Thermic, Optical, RF and Mechanical FEM simulations (Comsol Multiphisics)
  • RF, MEMS and Photonic sensors (RFID, antennas, fiber optics, ring resonators, etc.)
  • Device Design (CADENCE, SolidWorks)
  • LiNbO3 and SOI Photonics fabrication (Clean Room).
  • Numerical and Data Analysis (Matlab, Excel).
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Webmaster

Vincenzo Montedoro

Ph.D in Physics of Materials

  • Semiconductor thin film growth and optical/electrical characterization.
  • Metal contact deposition through thermal evaporation and RF sputtering techniques.
  • Thermal treatments performed in controlled atmospheres.
  • Structural and morphological characterization of semiconductor material through XRD and SEM analysis.
  • Material defect investigation performing Cathodoluminescence measurements.
  • Data acquisition and analysis (Origin, PowderCell, Matlab).
  • Software developement (Python, Arduino, Zemax).

Anna Sagnella

Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology – Ph. D in Chemical Science
Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Technologies

  • Technology Transfer for extraction and purification of natural proteins
  • Research and development of biomaterials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic/dermocosmetic, and biomedical applications
  • Preparation and chemo-physical characterization of cosmetic and dermocosmetic formulations
  • Analytical Technics
    • Vibrational spectroscopic (IR-FT, ATR IR-FT) and Raman
    • Optical spectroscopic (absorbance and photoluminescence)
    • Thermal analysis of materials (DSC e TGA)
    • Dynamic Light Scattering and zeta potential measurements
    • Rheological parameters of cosmetic and dermocosmetic formulations
  • Coordination of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Regulatory Affairs: chemical (Reach and CLP), cosmetic (Reg. EC 1223/2009), animal by-products (Reg. EC 1069/2009 e Reg. EC 142/2011).

Sophie Saltini

Industrial Electronic Technician – Skilled in design and prototyping of “IoT” devices

  • Analysis, design and testing of electric and electronic systems and devices (PCB)
  • Interdisciplinary informatic and automation skills of programmable systems and IoT:
    • microcontrollers
    • Real-time software development
    • C, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML
    • Data acquisition and management tools
Francesco Santoro

Francesco Santoro

Master’s Degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology – Ph.D. in Astrophysics

  • Statistical analysis and modelling
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Software Testing and Development
  • Database tecnologies (relational and non relational)
  • Programming languages: Python, Matlab, IDL

Anna Vianelli

Master’s Degree in Solid State Physics – PhD in Physics and Nanosciences

  • Test bench arrangement for electrical and magnetic tests
  • Software development for intrumentation handling, data acquisition and data analysis
  • Cryostats handling for low temperature electrical tests
  • Vacuum pumps systems handling
  • Nanostructured devices fabrication with lithographic processes
  • Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and AFM imaging


• Marco Bianconi (CNR-IMM)
• Fulvio Mancarella(CNR-IMM)
• Franco Belosi (CNR-ISAC)
• Fabrizio Ravegnani (CNR-ISAC)
• Emanuele Treossi (CNR-ISOF)
• Massimo Zambianchi (CNR-ISOF)
• Manuela Melucci (CNR-ISOF)
• Valentina Benfenati (CNR-ISOF)
• Paolo Dambruoso (CNR-ISOF)
• Laura Favaretto (CNR-ISOF)
• Emanuela Saracino (CNR-ISOF)

• Michele Muccini (CNR-ISMN)
• Stefano Toffanin (CNR-ISMN)
• Valentin Alek Dediu (CNR-ISMN)
• Giampiero Ruani (CNR-ISMN)
• Chiara Dionigi (CNR-ISMN)
• Margherita Bolognesi (CNR-ISMN)
• Franca Albertini (CNR-IMEM)
• Simone Fabbrici (CNR-IMEM)
• Andrea Zappettini (CNR-IMEM)
• Massimo Mazzer (CNR-IMEM)
• Marco Bellei (MEDICA)
• Angela Menin (MEDICA)