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Research is

We develop technologies, study solutions, and create prototypes designed for industrialization and application in companies. We do this in two ways: by participating in public calls (Regional, National, European) and on a commission basis when a company chooses us.

On top of these activities, our researchers work on independent projects researching, investigating, and developing innovative solutions to submit to those companies interested in being more and more competitive and at pace with a constantly evolving world.

We are based in the Research Area of the CNR (National Research Council) in Bologna and are therefore in close contact with institutes, infrastructures, and scientists of the largest Italian national research organization. This strategic location allows us to connect companies with the CNR staff working all over the country.


We tackle problems with

a multidisciplinary approach

We tackle problems with

a multidisciplinary approach


Digital Transformation
Enabling technologies and digital solutions for the manufacturing supply chain

We are active players in the digital transformation of manufacturing and services. We design and develop devices, technologies, and solutions to generate, collect and process data using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Electronic board design and assembly
  • Design of microelectronic devices
  • Microcontroller programming

  • CAD design using SolidWorks
  • Fabrication of functional prototypes using FDM and SLA printers
  • Characterization and selection of materials
  • Combined FDM-SLA approach

  • Processing of data collected by sensors and imaging devices
  • Predictive models
  • Multiphysics simulations (mechanical, optical, and thermal)
  • Implementation and deployment of custom algorithms

  • Design and implementation of custom optical, MEMS, and RF sensors
  • Integration of commercial and custom sensors
  • Advanced lighting engineering

  • Device design
  • Edge and Cloud Computing
Green Transition
Sustainable Economic Growth

The development of new technologies and innovative approaches are geared toward sustainable growth with potential benefits for multiple sectors of the surrounding communities.

Support for the industrialization of innovative materials:

  • Graphene and other 2D materials also functionalized
  • Food waste-based Biomaterials
  • Functionalized nanostructured materials for medical applications
  • Thin-film and organic materials and devices for photovoltaic applications
  • Magnetocaloric materials for refrigeration and air conditioning applications

  • Study and development of sustainable packaging materials
  • Artificial intelligence solutions for optimizing combustion processes of gas blends containing hydrogen
  • Studies for optimization of processes for domestic and industrial machines.

Development of:

  • IoT devices for monitoring air, water, soil, crop, and food quality
  • LoRa data communication systems for applications in crop fields
Social Development
Innovation supporting communities

Aside from strengthening the competitiveness of companies and the production system, we think research and innovation can pursue objectives of significant social impact, fostering social inclusion and improving life quality.

  • Traffic simulations and digital twin
  • Simulations for strategic fleet management
  • Technologies for multi-utility asset management

  • Sensing for personalised medicine and home care
  • Artificial intelligence for monitoring fragile patients
  • Technologies for the mobility of people with disabilities
  • Technology solutions for sports