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The team

Michele Muccini (CNR-ISMN)


Marco Bianconi (CNR-IMM)

Scientific Manager

“I have been a CNR researcher for as long as I can remember. I work at the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems. I contributed to the foundation of MISTER and have followed its growth up to the present stage with satisfaction. I am the Scientific Manager and work to ensure that strategic innovation topics can be effectively transferred to businesses and civil society.”

Valeria Pignedoli


“After years of law practice, I joined the world of research and innovation in 2012. Since 2013 I have held the position of General Director of MISTER Smart Innovation. I deal with strategic policies and business plans, management and control, project management, human resources management, and management of the Bologna CNR Technopole. Buzzwords: curiosity, innovation and teamwork.”

Simona Aldrovandi

Administration Manager

“I have a lot of experience in administration and management of business activities. In MISTER, the experience has allowed me to help create the foundations of a structure that is always growing and developing. I also take care of the management and accounting related to Regional POR-FESR projects, offer support to our Clients and collaborate in communications and dissemination activities of Bologna CNR Technopole.”

Marco Ardoino

Technology Transfer

“At 10 years old I dreamt of playing for Juventus, at 16 of performing with the Clash. Today I would like to be a lighthouse keeper… Since lighthouses are now all automated, I work in MISTER trying to build connections with companies, to transfer our technologies and research activities and place them in production.”

Matteo Bevilacqua

Multimedia Developer

“Tecnologo della Comunicazione, per MISTER metto in opera le competenze nell’ambito del Virtuale e dell’Interactive Cinema, oltre a quelle più consolidate di Videomaker e Motion Graphic Designer con oltre un decennio di esperienza. Trovo stimolante scoprire e rappresentare il lato umano della tecnologia. Il problem solving è il cardine che regge un set, e questo vale anche per un laboratorio di ricerca!”

Pietro De Nicola


“I am a physicist and manage projects related to sensors and automation. Many things intrigue me and, in between programming scripts and materials to analyze, I enjoy playing with light and express my creativity in prototype design.”

Alessio Giberti


“After graduation and a PhD in Physics, I worked in academic research for a few years, dealing with transport phenomena in nanostructured semiconductors. Then, in MISTER, I became interested in sensors, and I later dived into communication protocols and data science for the development of data-driven and decision support systems.”

Andrea Gorreri


“Through the lens of physics, I have always wanted to understand how the objects around me work, and since I have been a member of MISTER, my desire is no longer just to understand them, but also to connect them. I am the “man of protocols”, and I will not stop until I connect all the devices around me!”.

Giovanni Battista Montanari


“I decided to study engineering after seeing this scene, today I do many different jobs depending on the need. The most exciting thing is trying to solve problems … together.”

Vincenzo Montedoro


“My undergraduate degree and PhD in physics of matter have encouraged me to look at the world and the challenges that arise daily with curiosity and initiative. MISTER is the perfect place for the curious innovator. This is why, since I arrived, I have been interested in different areas, ranging from optics up to sensors, passing through radio-frequency devices.”

Alessia Rotolo

Project Manager

“I have a law degree but have been a Project Manager for more than six years. Dreams and imagination? Sometimes too much. However, this has always helped me in turning ideas into projects and making them more tangible.”

Anna Sagnella


“In MISTER, I deal with many different things. Regarding industrial research, I focus on innovative strategies for eco-packaging and the development of new formulations to prolong food shelf-life. I also coordinate the Quality Control System and Institutional Accreditations. Furthermore, I support the preparation of applications for institutional (co)-funding calls and create scientific content for communication channels. Be sure to read my articles”

Sophie Saltini

Lab technician

“Dealing with hardware and design, I am the cross-functional figure who puts her hands on all projects. In fact, I design and make analog and digital hardware with due knowledge of electrical, electronic, and mechanical components. I also do packaging design and 3D printing prototype realization. Constant learning, cross-disciplinarity, flexibility, and kindness are my cornerstones!”

Giulia Santamaria

Communications Manager

“I strongly believe in the importance of development, which is why in MISTER I communicate the projects of my fellow researchers and our partners (and thus spend a lot of time figuring out what they are actually working on). I organize events and create content for the Bologna CNR Tecnopole, aiming to bring the world of research closer to companies and the general public.”

Francesco Santoro


“I am a data scientist with a history as an astronomer. Data and programming are my bread and butter. My job in MISTER is to develop customized, innovative, data-driven solutions to complex problems. This means that a large part of my day is dedicated to designing, implementing, and deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.”

Anna Vianelli


“I am an experimental physicist who has always been curious and enthusiastic about learning new things. In MISTER I am in charge of making projects go the right way. Playing with technologies, finding solutions: that’s the fun, the rest is work.”

Board of Directors

Michele Muccini (CNR)


Federica Rossi (CNR)

Board member

Gildo Bosi

Board member

Luciano Fecondini

Board member

Irene Rizzoli

Board member

Strategic Steering Committee

Paolo Bonaretti


Luca Moretti

Luigi Ambrosio

Raffaele Maccioni



Franco Belosi

Fabrizio Ravegnani


Emanuele Treossi

Massimo Zambianchi

Manuela Melucci

Valentina Benfenati

Paolo Dambruoso

Laura Favaretto

Emanuela Saracino


Giuseppe Confessore

Stefano Toffanin

Valentin Alek Dediu

Giampiero Ruani

Chiara Dionigi

Margherita Bolognesi


Andrea Zappettini

Franca Albertini

Simone Fabbrici

Massimo Mazzer