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AR, VR and sensors: real and digital integrate

In the video, a visit to the CNR Technopole building in Bologna, home of MISTER Smart Innovation.

We will enter and navigate in parallel in augmented reality with mobile device and in virtual reality with Meta visor.

In augmented mode, it is possible to record or transmit a video to a remote location and communicate as in a video call. In virtual mode, it is possible to explore the building’s digital twin.

In both cases, relevant data and instructions can be obtained based on location or object recognition.

Such data can also be in real time, transmitted by IoT sensors such as Mister’s environmental sensor placed in the concluding showroom. You can directly read the current physical parameters of the room, but also activate a pop-up with the historical series of the data itself.

The use of the Internet of Things enable the barriers between the physical and virtual worlds, which are increasingly interconnected and interacting.

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