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Digital CorNeR: the Virtual Studio for immersive content production is now ready

Assembly of the Virtual Studio at MISTER’s headquarters in the CNR Technopole building, which will be used for the production of usable content with emerging human-machine interfaces, has been completed.

The Virtual Studio is in line with the latest broadcast standards and includes: a panoramic green screen (180°+), 4k director and cameras, ambisonic microphone, audio direction and monitoring, led lighting on beams, lighting control system and workstation to handle video streams up to 8k.

The instrumentation, acquired as part of the Digital CorNeR project with co-funding from the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, will enable:

  • realize immersive stereoscopic filming (3D 8K 360);
  • live interactive experiences in VR, developing on the most popular platforms and fruition systems (Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Meta ecosystem…);
  • develop augmented reality solutions for remote events.

The latter possibility may also involve the use of 5G technology, which is being tested with the very use cases envisioned by the Digital CorNeR project.

The Virtual Studio will soon be connected in NDI network to all other CNR spaces developed under the project for content creation and enjoyment of digital and immersive audiovisual content.

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