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MISTER on the metaverse: visit us on Spatial

Visiting Mister’s office inside the CNR Technopole building on the metaverse is possible!

We created a three-dimensional modeled virtual space in Blender, integrating it with the interactive features of the Spatial Creator Toolkit using the Unity development environment, a real-time cross-platform game development tool.

Log on to the platform, create your avatar and visit Mister’s rooms, where you can discover the main industrial research projects we have been working on.

Within the show room present at the conclusion of the path, physical parameters of the actual room, recorded by an IOT device, can be viewed and read. You can activate a Grafana dashboard that contains the historical data series of temperature, humidity and illuminance within the room.

Enjoyment from desktop or VR devices is recommended. It is also available on mobile with limited functionality.

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