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The MedFil project is an industrial research project that aims to design innovative devices that reduce the side effects faced by patients undergoing mechanical ventilation (drying of the airways due to excessively low temperature and humidity levels).

It involves the design of systems that can provide, on the one hand, protection of the respiratory tract through the injection of a humid and warm technical gas, and on the other hand, early detection of microbial agents connected to respiratory tract infections.

MedFil is an industrial research project approved on the “Call for strategic industrial research projects addressing the priority areas of the smart specialization strategy” (DGR 986/2018) within the POR-FESR EMILIA ROMAGNA 2014-2020, Axis 1 – Research and Innovation, Action 1.2.2.

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MISTER is partner of CNR ISTEC in the development of the project for R&D and dissemination activities.


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