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Social development

Home dialysis machine

Tecnoideal’s HomEmo project is positioned in a context where home dialysis presents three main problems:

  • the difficult management at home of disinfection of traditional hospital machines;
  • patient safety given the absence of trained nurses to directly analyze fluids;
  • the inadequacy of the processes of treatment verification and machine supervision borne by the care-giver at home.

Therefore, the goal is to create a prototype disposable machine and circuit that solves these difficulties through integrated and in-line sensor technology, which can then be controlled remotely.

The project “HomEmo: Home dialysis machine” has been funded by the Regional Law N.14/2014 grant application for access to the regional settlement and development agreement – in implementation of Art. 6 LR 14/2014 – Bando 2019 of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

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