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Digital CorNeR: Home Museum Luciano Pavarotti hosts the second use case

On the evening of Monday, June 26th, MISTER Smart Innovation’s YouTube channel live streamed 360 in 4K quality the AperInCanto event, part of the Musica Maestro! music festival, an annual event curated by the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation at the Luciano Pavarotti House Museum in Modena.

5G technology was used to broadcast the event, making it possible to experience the concert remotely as if you were just a few steps away from the performers, immersing yourself in the excitement of the live performance at Casa Pavarotti through mobile devices, computers or virtual reality viewers.

This activity was made possible by the Digital CorNeR, co-funded by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy under the 5G audiovisual call, of which MISTER is leader and in which it collaborates with the partners: National Research Council – Research Area of Bologna, Proambiente scrl, M.P.D.A. aps and Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, with the technical support of Vodafone Italia.

Watch the video report of the event ⬇️

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