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InTerLab project introduces itself to the companies of the Interporto Bologna

On November 30, the presentation event of the InTerLab project was held at the Interporto of Bologna, a valuable opportunity for the first active involvement of companies settled within the Interporto area.

What does the InTerLab project involve?

The InTerLab project aims to make the mobility of goods and people within the Interporto area more efficient, sustainable and safe.

The goal is to make a digital tool available to companies based in Interporto to change the scheduling of goods loading/unloading activities and perform what-if analyses to make a warehouse’s logistics more efficient and safe.

To do this, MISTER will make a “digital twin” of Interporto and, with traffic simulations, we will circulate companies’ fleets within it.

What was discussed during the event?

The project leader Città Metropolitana of Bologna, together with the partners MISTER, Interporto Bologna SpA and Due Torri SpA, presented the project and highlighetd its potential for the Bologna district, the companies and the Interporto area.

MISTER also illustrated the functioning of the tool from a more practical point of view with a demonstration.

The audience, consisting solely of companies based within Interporto Bologna, was also challenged with an instant poll to investigate the priority and the scope of use of the traffic simulations.

The importance of the active involvement of companies in the development of the project was stressed on several occasions. In fact, they will have the opportunity to take part in the next step of the project, filling out a questionnaire meant to collect traffic data that are fundamental to populate the digital twin with flows as close to reality as possible.


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