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Metropolitan forum of innovation spaces: Mister and the CNR Technopole

The Metropolitan City has called together the managers of innovation spaces in the metropolitan area to start a process of discussion and dialogue among the spaces and with institutions.

Mister, as the managing entity of the Tecnopolo Bologna CNR, is participating in the Metropolitan Forum of Spaces for Innovation, promoted by the Mayor’s delegate for economic promotion Rosa Grimaldi and coordinated by Progetti d’Impresa of the Metropolitan City of Bologna in collaboration with Fondazione Innovazione Urbana.

Through this initiative, the Metropolitan City aims to strengthen the dialogue and collaboration between public institutions and the network of innovative entities in the area: fab-labs, incubators, technopoles and co-working.

The Forum’s activities include the mapping of innovation spaces in the Bologna area and the Charter of Values, in which signatories commit to identifying shared values on which to base actions, common goals and ways to build shared and collaborative planning.

  1. Enable collaboration
  2. Innovation, growth and development of member spaces
  3. Listen and converse with people
  4. Promotes a culture of innovation
  5. Experience
  6. Weaves relationships with the local context

Innovation spaces act as activators of exchange and knowledge, encouraging the growth of the area and supporting the birth and development of new businesses and the spread of innovative work models.

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