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MISTER looks ahead by participating in PNRR calls for proposals

MISTER Smart Innovation, manager of the Bologna CNR Technopole, looks ahead and actively participates in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR). The Plan, with a total budget of €191.5 billion, is divided into 6 Missions, aligned with the 6 pillars of the Next Generation EU: Education and Research, Inclusion and Cohesion, Digital Transition, Ecological Transition, Infrastructure and Transport, and Health.

MISTER is part of the proposal that the University of Bologna is leading in response to the Public Notice for the submission of Intervention Proposals for the creation and strengthening of “innovation ecosystems,” building “territorial R&D leaders” (Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 1.5). The “Ecosystem for Sustainable Transition in Emilia Romagna” proposal brings together key actors at the regional level with the aim of strengthening Emilia-Romagna’s global leadership in applied research and ensuring sustainable, resilient and people-centered industrial development through the implementation of green and digital transitions. MISTER is involved in two Spokes:

  • Spoke 1 for the implementation of materials-based devices and processes for sustainability and green transition with applications in packaging, health, cultural and creative industries;
  • Spoke 3 for the implementation of devices and processes for sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe production, providing support to partners in the activities required to increase TRL and create demonstrators and prototypes.

MISTER, a innovation hub, also acts as a partner that can offer advanced services for technology transfer, for training and for start-ups and small businesses, thus contributing to the creation of a “network’s laboratory” capable of generating continuous innovation.

MISTER is also a partner in the Italian MATerials Technologies Infrastructure (i-MATT)” proposal related to the Notice for the provision of funding for the construction or modernization of Innovation Technology Infrastructures (Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 3.1). i-MATT focuses on advanced materials as enabling technologies and their cross-cutting intersections with different industrial and application fields, leveraging broad-based innovation to promote sustainable industrial processes and human-centered technological solutions. The initiative, with a multifunctional character, covers several thematic areas: advanced materials, artificial intelligence, energy transition and health. i-MATT will be structured as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), that is, a long-term collaboration between a public partner (CNR) and private entities, which will guarantee fair competition on the market, realizing a concrete and sustainable project.

MISTER has also formally expressed its interest in two other proposals, both led by the CNR under the Public Notice for the submission of project proposals for “Strengthening and Creation of Research Infrastructure” to be funded under the PNRR (Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 3.1). The call promotes the funding of interventions aimed at the creation or strengthening of Research Infrastructures:

  • iENTRANCE@ENL (Infrastructure for Energy Transition and Circular Economy @ EuroNanoLab) aims to deepen the potential of micro and nanofabrication to address challenges due to energy transition and circular economy;
  • Research Infrastructure ISIS @ MACH ITALIA (IM @ IT), proposed with University of Florence, University of Milan Bicocca and University of Rome Tor Vergata as co-proponents, focuses on complex materials.

MISTER and all collaborators will continue to strive to ensure that the collaborative and synergistic efforts undertaken at these stages are only the beginning of a much broader development path of constant growth and innovation for the future.

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