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PidBoLab MISTER kicks off thanks to collaboration with CCIAA Bologna

MISTER Smart Innovation and the Chamber of Commerce Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Bologna (CCIAA Bologna) strengthen the collaboration started in 2019 to foster the dissemination and enhancement of innovation and research in the business fabric on issues related to the Transition 4.0 Plan.

As part of the national project that led to the creation of the Bologna Digital Enterprise Point (PID), the CCIAA and Unioncamere, through the chamber system consortium Dintec, are promoting the creation of territorial laboratories for demonstration purposes on enabling technologies, the “PidLabs.”

These are testing laboratories scattered throughout the country, physical places where companies can attend hands-on demonstration presentations on the operation of new technologies of potential interest to their businesses. Businesses will also have the opportunity to engage directly with the laboratory’s contact persons in order to have all the clarifications necessary for in-depth study of the technology and its possible incorporation into their business set-up.

The collaboration with MISTER, which will activate the “MISTER PidBoLab” at its facilities and laboratories, thus entering the field, further enhancing its role in raising awareness and support for the advanced digitization of business processes.

Planning of meetings for 2023 is already underway in collaboration also with the PidBoLab Sis.Ter, another structure with the same objectives in the Emilia-Romagna territory.

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