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Home care close to your loved ones

A System That Responds To The Need For Assisted Hospitalization And Proximity Of Vulnerable People

MISTER is a technology partner of HECAREIT! for the Sana Domi project, created to respond to the new care needs brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is aimed at developing a modular system capable of transforming any room, even at one’s own home, into an isolated and sanitized room in which a patient can be isolated, monitored and cared for by designated caregivers or loved ones in 24 solar hours.

The heart of the system is a technological life-saving cabinet, SISTO, installed just outside the room equipped with the useful technologies to sanitize, isolate and monitor the environment and the patient.

MISTER has developed an intelligent monitoring system that, from the video stream of a camera, is able to interpret the patient’s behaviors in real time and ensure timely intervention by caregivers in case of critical situations.

Sana Domi is a project funded under the Call for the Attraction and Consolidation of Innovative Startups, POR-FESR 2014-2020, ASSE1 Research and Innovation, Action 1.4.1 Support for the creation and consolidation of knowledge-intensive innovative startups and research spin-off initiatives in areas in line with the Smart Specialization Strategies.

HECAREIT! is an innovative start-up created by Torreggiani & C. S.p.a. SME specializing in the design and implementation of cutting-edge technological systems. Hecareit! develops innovative projects in the areas of home care, healthiness of work and school environments, innovation of the home and urban spaces.

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