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Sana Domi: SISTO smart cabinet for home care presented

On June 12, MISTER attended the press conference for the presentation of Sana Domi, an industrial research project implemented by Hecareit! in collaboration with PROAMBIENTE and MISTER with co-financing from the Emilia-Romagna Region (Call for the attraction and consolidation of innovative startups, POR-FESR 2014-2020).

During the meeting, various voices of stakeholders spoke to explain characteristics and objectives, results and future prospects, with the aim of nurturing a discussion on the issues and spreading the project throughout the territory.

Fundamental was the collaboration of ASP Terre di Castelli of Vignola (Modena), which hosted the press conference and made possible the experimentation of the SISTO cabinet inside two rooms, occupied by the RSA guests.

MISTER è partner tecnologico di HECAREIT! per il progetto Sana Domi, nato per rispondere alle nuove esigenze di assistenza determinate dalla pandemia COVID-19.

The project develops a modular system that can transform any room, even at one’s own home, into an isolated, sanitized room in which a patient can be isolated, monitored and cared for by designated caregivers or loved ones in 24 solar hours.

Il cuore del sistema è un armadio tecnologico salvavita, SISTO, installato appena fuori dalla stanza e dotato delle tecnologie utili a sanificare, isolare e monitorare l’ambiente e il paziente.

MISTER has developed an intelligent monitoring system that, from the video stream of a camera, interprets the patient’s behaviors in real time and ensure timely intervention of caregivers in case of critical issues.

SISTO is a virtuous example of what the laboratories of Tecnopolo Bologna CNR, PROAMBIENTE and MISTER, are doing in the area: supporting companies and startups that want to innovate by connecting them with local realities.

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